LPCRTL Mission Statement:

LaPorte County Right to Life is a non-profit organization that exists to help people understand that all human life is precious, from conception to natural death.

LPCRTL aspires to work to educate the public about abortion and other sanctity of life issues through a variety of means including presentation videos, billboards, and special events.   In response to the issue of abortion, LPCRTL is concerned about the unborn baby and the welfare of the mother and father, both before and after the birth of the baby.

We are:

  • Non-Sectarian: Persons of all faiths and denominations are welcome to join.
  • Non-Partisan: In spite of many who attempt to label the Right to Life movement as an arm of one political party, Right to Life works with all political candidates who are pro-life.
  • Single Issue: Insisting on legal protection for innocent human life as relates to abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

OPEN – to all people who value life from conception to natural death and are committed to supporting it, including all political candidates who are pro-life and desire to provide legal protection for innocent human life as it relates to abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

LaPorte County Right to Life Goals 2023-2024

With your continued prayers and support, we hope to:

  1.  Merge with Porter County Right to Life to optimize our capacity and reach more people for life education.
  2.  Hire a Part-time Executive Director to help both groups outreach to new partners and increase educational opportunities.
  3.  Continue to Partner with Lake and Porter County to provide an office across from the Merrillville abortion mill. This office provides assistance to women and families in need.
  4.  Continue providing state and national news through our website, emails, and Facebook, including legislative alerts about current pro-life news. 
  5.  Advertise 24-hour lines for women and families using 2 traveling billboards per month.
  6.  Continue our 12-month billboard located on Highway 2 close to the Purdue Northwest Campus.
  7.  Connect with other nonprofits to improve our communities: Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Women’s Care Center, Human Trafficking Hotlines, and Adoption Alternatives.
  8.  Cooperate in Indiana Rallies to witness for the respect for life from conception to natural death. 
  9.  Canvas and produce the voter guide for our county to be added to the state and national voter guide information to educate on candidates’ “life” views.
  10.  Continue our important outreach to our community through the La Porte County Fairgrounds (and Baby Photo Contest) and through marching in the La Porte Kiwanis Parade! Join Us!!

La Porte County Right to Life is focused on meeting people where they are with charity and understanding. We are a Christian based group that tries to help people understand the deeper meaning of the dignity of life through our speakers, example, and works. Meeting our neighbors through friendship, dialogue, and witness. We pray we will change hearts to embrace the truth that every citizen, from conception to natural death, deserves the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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