UPDATE – The Governor’s Response

For Immediate Release
March 30, 2020
Indiana Right to Life:
Governor Holcomb orders halt to elective and
non-urgent invasive surgeries; abortion clinics included in new emergency orders
INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indiana Right to Life applauds Governor Eric Holcomb for including abortion clinics in new emergency orders related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Governor Holcomb’s orders call for a halt to all elective and non-urgent surgical procedures in Indiana.
“Governor Holcomb’s new orders make it clear that abortion clinics are not exempt from complying with the suspension of elective surgeries,” states Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter.  “In a time of crisis and severe medical equipment shortages, abortion clinics must not be allowed to use up precious medical supplies that Hoosiers need during the current health emergency.”
Indiana Right to Life will urge state and local authorities to monitor Indiana abortion clinics closely to ensure compliance with the orders.
Governor Holcomb’s emergency orders go into effect tomorrow.

UPDATE – The Governor’s Response

Dear Friends,

Recently, Governor Holcomb signed an executive order, which requires hospitals to postpone elective and non-urgent surgical procedures. However, it was not clear if elective surgical abortions were included. For that reason, recently a letter was sent to the Governor that asked for clarification if surgical abortions were included under the executive order. The Governor has since released Executive Order 20-13, which specifically calls for abortion clinics to postpone elective and non-urgent surgical procedures. I hope this provides you some peace of mind in these trying times. Thank you for voicing your concerns. I pray you and your family remain healthy and safe.


Jim Pressel
State Representative
House District 20


Dear Friends,

The action below is to alert to our state representatives to stop elective surgeries at this time. Safety to our families, hospital gear including masks and gowns, need to be for those suffering from this pandemic and for the safety of our heroic caregivers. To continue doing elective surgeries is just not responsible.

As you can imagine, the death to a child is also at the root of this request. Having an abortion during the largest pandemic we have ever experienced seems unthinkable. My heart hurts for those who think this is their best option. If you know anyone who is pregnant and fear is bringing them to this action, please give them my name and number. We want to help them to choose life!!

Yours always for Life and for our neighbors, during this concerning time.

May God keep us close and help all those in need.

Join me in saying the Our Father prayer at 6 am, 12 noon and 6 pm. to ask God’s grace for all his people.

Sheryll Werner
LaPorte County Right to Life President

Urge Gov. Holcomb to halt elective surgical abortions

to help stem COVID-19 pandemic

Please take action now by contacting Governor Holcomb.  Click here

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