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Safe Haven Baby Box Billboard

LPCRTL has made a commitment to Safe Haven Baby Box and is sponsoring a billboard per month get the word out.

Help us with a new goal! We would like to support a Safe Haven Baby Box Billboard on I 94 for people to see as they drive by our new hospital on the highway. The box would be so convenient to use if a person was in need. Help us fundraise for this important request!


LPCRTL Annual Fall Gala Banquet

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 at Heston Hills Banquet Hall in La Porte.

This year we are concentrating on Dialogue – Bridging the Gap. Join us to hear our honored guest, Henriette Nganga a Rwanda genocide survivor. Henriette will be sharing her story of faith and God’s challenge to forgive. Her story leads us to the great division that is happening in our own beloved country. Where there is hatred and yelling, there is fear and the danger of violence. Learn to be a true patriot who can listen and extend understanding to our fellow Americans. Polarization of a population, Henriette will explain, leads to nothing good. Dialogue-Bridging the Gap is a place for each of us to start.
Please come and learn more what experts across the country are expressing about this topic.
Life will only be protected when we see each other with the enormous dignity that our Creator has bestowed on each and every person.

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